About Last Night

Blackbird, Makati City, June 2011

Last night, a lesbian flirted with me half-heartedly.

She said I seemed like a nice guy but that I have to be more than just a guy with soft, wavy hair.

“If you can fool a lesbian, you must be a pretty nice guy,” she said as we smoked in the girls’ restroom at a neighborhood bar in Makati, before she moved on to the other long-haired guy we were hanging out with. This dude’s hair was curlier, and he had a nice shirt, she said, stroking his fine silk shirt. She said he looked like an emotionally-unavailable guy with no problem getting girls.

“Huh?,” he said as he fiddled on his phone without really listening, and also proving her point.

[Disclosure: Despite my soft, wavy hair and lack of silk shirts, I am an emotional cripple. But I can at least pay attention and fool lesbians. That has to count for something.]


2 responses to “About Last Night

  1. Huh. I guess she meant that I seemed like a nice guy, which is probably a compliment since she isn’t into guys. I’m not sure, really.

    I’d like to think I’m a nice guy, but experience suggests otherwise. Like someone once told me, thinking I’m a nice guy doesn’t make it true.

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