Story on the sidelines

Senate of the Philippines, 15 August 2011

Session hall of the Senate of the Philippines, 15 August 2011

This is a literal snap shot, hastily taken so the desk would have something to tweet during coverage of Senator Aquilino Pimentel III finally getting a seat at the Senate after four years of claiming and proving that he was cheated in the 2007 elections.

It is a picture of Mrs. Jewel Pimentel, the senator’s wife, who stood by him as he pursued his election protest against former senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.

I took it, sent it, and forgot about it until I was clearing out the photo dump on the office laptop.

What made it worth posting isn’t even Mrs. Pimentel, wonderful as I am sure she is.  The story is to the left of the picture, almost out of the frame. That’s GMA reporter Lia Mañalac being an intense journalist.

I don’t know her personally (I keep my head down, generally) and did not even know she was there, to be honest. But that is the kind of gravitas and seriousness that I know I should develop if I want to get ahead in this profession.

As it stands, though, I still have a long way to go.

A very long way to go.

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