HOHOL With History: Captain Batman

Angel Capili Jr., confessed killer of Charice Pempengco’s father, was caught with the help of Batman.

Kapitan Batman, in this case, which is how the barangay captain who negotiated his surrender to local officials in General Trias town in Cavite Thursday, wanted to be called.

“Batman na lang. Kapitan Batman (Just Batman, Captain Batman),”  he kept insisting until reporters wary of being bawled out by their desks managed to pry his real name from him: Rolando Pagkaliwangan.

I wanted to ask him more about that but he disappeared after Laguna Governor Jeorge Ejercito handed him the reward for helping Laguna and Cavite police find Capili.

He is Batman

That was really the most interesting part about my paper* sending me to Camp Crame to get a picture of Capili, who had surrendered earlier that day.

I managed to get within two feet of Capili before a freight train of cameramen and photographers rammed into me with their burliness, sense of purpose, and their cries of Buka (Clear the way)! There are few forces on Earth that can withstand cameramen and photographers at work.

Achievement Unlocked!

I was able to get better pictures, but not much of a story. It sat on the website home page for a while and then disappeared after a few hours, unseated by a story about a man holding his kids hostage so his wife would take him back. The news paper that owns the website used an AP story instead of mine, but used the picture I took, so hooray.

There was not much of a story to begin with, had the victim not been the father** of an international pop star who also plays a Filipino character on “Glee.”

It was a stabbing death that, although tragic, was as straightforward as the screwdriver that was allegedly used in the murder.  Capili said he did it in self defense, witnesses say he did not. There was no mystery to it, no sudden twists. Just one man killing another, one of the oldest stories ever told.

Hangout Hangout Lang With History

*News website owned by a paper, then.

** Yes, I have lost a father. No, it was not to a stabbing incident.

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