Patchwork Pony

Given the demanding schedule I keep as a reporter (writing, brooding, brooding while smoking, research, more brooding), I only get to work on my bike(s) at night, and even then not every night.

I am rather proud, though, of the new mud guard I just installed on the Chinese motorcycle that has yet to be named:


There was a time when I bought motorcycle parts with abandon, but that time has passed. With my money paying for my sister’s tuition, I have been reduced to dressing in rags and letting my facial hair grow for lack of a razor and that means whatever repairs and modifications I make on my bike have to be cheap to free.

And so, I have resorted to using scavenged parts and “found objects” that I repurpose with little more than basic tools and the sheer force of will. My battery is, for example, held in place by an old Kab Scout garrison belt.

I spent last week looking for a skateboard to turn into a seat after getting inspiration from this, and I say this without irony, bad-ass Suzuki S40 from Machine-13 in Arizona:

Looky Looky by Machine-13 (

I found one but need to drop by Maginhawa to get it. I wanted to copy the concept and use the skateboard as a fender, but that would need cutting the chassis. With that option gone, I had to use some other object as a fender.

Some "found object."

It’s really just some rectangular sheet metal that some guy who kept parking on our property, uh, left behind. And so, he no longer parks where he shouldn’t, and I have something to keep me from being splattered with mud. It’s a win-win, basically. Win-win for me.

So, with controls sort of fixed, the mud guard in place, and the skateboard seat ready for pick up, I should be back on the road in a few weeks. And then, I’ll move on to the next project.

Because, to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, once you get started on motorcycles, the tendency is to push it as far as you can:

From Left: A Loncin Wingman 100, Honda CB110, Honda 125, Honda C70, and a Lifan Something or Other

 Oh, and…

A BMW R65 we can ill afford


3 responses to “Patchwork Pony

  1. i cant believe we now have still people on this planet that contain such a one sided selfish view with the world. i call it the particular jobs syndrome. “its my way as well as no way”

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