Good News For The Week

I know, I know. Online news is the wave of the future and the dead-trees edition is a dying model but I’m pretty pleased that a story I helped write made it to the front page of our Cebu edition with my full name on the tagline.

I mean, it’s really a small thing to get excited over but the only time I’ve ever been to the journ school at UP was to get some documents signed (and to use the restroom once) so every bit of recognition counts. And I did the work on this too, reading through old stories for background and making long-distance calls to Cebu for comment. I called Lapu-Lapu City hall to get the number for the congressman’s district office, and from there was referred to his lawyer’s office only to be told they hadn’t heard about the graft charge yet.

I know this one story does not make me a journalist or anything like that but it means a lot to me because I remember reading Sun.Star in Cebu when I was a child, and because maybe my mom will see it and maybe she’ll think that she doesn’t have to worry so much about me.

But also because, come on, who wouldn’t be pleased at getting a pat on the back for the assist?

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