HOHOL with History: Taxi rides to the Office of the Ombudsman are getting to be a habit

Since switching teams, I have been on the sidelines of the Corona impeachment trial, being assigned the odd side story and pinch hitting when needed.

I still do the occasional Senate story and offer to help out, but it’s clear it’s no longer my beat.

It’s like that scene in Top Gun where Iceman goes, “You’re still dangerous, but you can be my wing man any time,” but in this case, Maverick goes: “Yeah, okay.”

“Yeah, okay…”

Yesterday, though, was a rush hour taxi ride with the slowest and most chill taxi driver ever (he had initially refused to give me a ride because he was busy eating a banana) to catch yet another unexpected press conference at the Office of the Ombudsman.

Possibly a pro tip: When a story mentions a “hastily-called press conference”, it’s to explain that it was not scheduled and was probably in response to some burning issue of the day. It may also be our passive-aggressive way of saying, “we were on the other side of town and had to get on a cab in rush hour traffic while mentally reviewing what we knew about the issue while also assuring our editors we were on top of the story.”

Anyway, I got the story. Behind almost every news outfit that had people to deploy and vehicles with which to deploy them, sure, but I got it.  And I count that as a win because I was there when the impeachment trial began, and I want to see it through to the end as a reporter on the ground, even if that ground is several cities away from the main event.


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