Binay’s Bodyguard

Members of the media wait for a press briefing at the Coconut Palace

One of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s bodyguards was wearing a “Binay” t-shirt under his polo barong . BINAY, the shirt said in block letters through the sheer fabric.

It gave him a sternness that the barong failed to soften. BINAY, across his chest, as if it were SWAT, or SOCO, or K-9.

He was not wearing a bullet-proof vest, though. The only thing that stood between Binay and the rest of the world as he met with leaders of the United Nationalist Alliance at the Coconut Palace was a thin wooden door and the bodyguard’s chest.

Maybe he wore the shirt as an amulet, believing the letters on it, and his loyalty would be enough to protect him, and by extension, the Vice President.

Or maybe he needed it for his own protection, for when he goes home sans barong and official lapel pin, without his hand gun and earpiece, to place that is likely nothing like the Coconut Palace.

Anyway, we were at the Coconut Palace for UNA’s announcement of three new names on its senatorial line-up for 2013: Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Zambales Representative Milagros Magsaysay, and Juan Miguel Zubiri, who resigned from the Senate in 2011.

Not much happened since the real drama, of whether Senator Aquilino Pimentel III will accept Zubiri’s inclusion in the UNA slate or not, will happen elsewhere.

2 responses to “Binay’s Bodyguard

    • We can but speculate. Garcia could win, I think, if we’re thinking along regional lines. And maybe Magsaysay can rely on name recognition?

      There’s still a lot of time for them to win voters over, though.

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