You pay for what you pay for

If someone were to review the security tapes for September 14 at Disodado Macapagal International Airport, they would see a few frames of me trying to gouge out my own eyes in frustration.

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Enforced disappearance still not a crime in PH

As the world commemorates the International Day of the Disappeared, the Philippines has yet to enact a law penalizing enforced disappearances.

Neither has the Senate ratified the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance since the Philippines is not even a signatory.

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It’s a living

The best job in the world could just as easily be the worst.

It’s great, for example, when you’re racing through the halls of the Senate to break a story and while you’re writing in your head (and running), a part of you is going: “This is it, this is history and I’m here to see it and maybe make sense of it.”

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