A Funny Scene I Wish I Could Share With You


Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat

A scene from a bootleg of a film that director RA Rivera did in college* hastily reconstructed from memory:

A: May sama ako ng loob

B: Ilabas mo

A: Ilabas ko?

B: Oo. Ilabas mo na.

*Soap opera music blares*

A: *Pukes*

The actual set-up and dialogue was done better but that was one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen and those six lines (the loss of my hard drive, and my poor memory) do not give it any justice.

It is, though, the kind of humor that I appreciate, having grown up on a steady diet of Mel Brooks films and few friends. Despite my love for word play and puns, I laugh most at absurdity.

This is probably from living in Manila,  where the absurd is normal like having the UP police station burn down despite it being within line of sight of the fire station or having politicians feud over matters of national importance like campaign color schemes and their personal lives.

More than street smarts and sheer strength of will, living in Manila (and probably anywhere), requires Proclamation 1081 levels of suspension of disbelief and an ability to see the absurdity in everything.

The alternatives are losing all hope and hating the world or buying into feel-good pap like an open love letter from an American saying Filipinos are wiser and happier for not having to deal with First World Problems or Whatever Being More Fun in the Philippines and rabidly cutting down anyone who says different.

*Murky Metadata: The film was supposedly called Angel’s Burger, for the buy-one-take-one burger joint, which is wher the cast and crew ate during filming.


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