Four songs that saved Friday


They say the four right chords can make those who live semi-charmed lives cry.

In my case, not living a very charmed life and incapable of crying, it took four right songs played at TodayxFuture on a slow Friday night that would turn out to be a Saturday that wasn’t so slow. I didn’t cry, exactly, but there was a feeling of letting go and of being okay.

It had been a bad week*. Money I had been counting on didn’t clear in time and a writer I wasn’t counting on calling to ask about money every five minutes did. Also, other stuff with feelings.

Until the DJ came out with these while we were finishing the last shared Red Horse for the night:

Piece of This — P.O.T.

To Zion — Lauryn Hill

Amber – 311

A Long Walk — Jill Scott (Possibly not this song, but Jill Scott)

My theme last year has been manatili, to stay at your post and to keep the faith. Carry that weight and all that. The idea now is manumbalik, to go back and find who I was before the Troubles. Because, man, I was and am pretty awesome.

Thanks for the totally unintended reminder, mystery DJ.


*Except Thursday night. Thursday night was all right.

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