Maskipop Art

Photo: No.24

Photo: No.24

These are Signs ng Pagibig (Signs of Love) that Fabo of No.24 had jeepney sign painters make to sell at the 98B Future Market, a monthly art and crafts market in Old Manila.

The Signs ng Pagibig, followed by a series of cheesy lines painted on vinyl records, are part of a project to produce inexpensive art that also gives jeepney sign makers some extra money. “Keeping the price at P50 is part of the project,” Fabo says.

He came up with the lines but told the sign makers to do them however they wanted to. The result is a set of Affirmations that are cheesy and tacky and also work.


Like so

Fabo says he expected the “D’ Best Nanay” and “D’ Best Tatay” signs to sell quickly. He was wrong. The piece that sold out fastest was one that said “Love Ko Work Ko”, often a sentiment as unlikely as the sign itself.

“I don’t know if people bought it because they really love their jobs or as a joke,” Fabo says.


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