Lumberjack Year: Mission Accomplished

I suffered the usual indignities of having to drink a lot of water so I could pee in a cup (and then having to pee forever after) and having a stranger cup my balls. But the real shock, aside from the rectal exam, was being told that I was obese.

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Love stories

The network I work for has this series called “Wagas: Mga Totoong Kuwento ng Pag-ibig”, where the love stories of network personalities and regular couples are acted out by network talents.

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According to my old copy of the Rules of the Senate, which presumably are still the rules of the Senate, “a Senator may…request for and avail of the privilege to speak for one hour on any matter of public interest.” And that is exactly what Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. did on Monday, June 9.

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